The Kitchen Table Time Warp

By Ellie Stief

Apparently, hours have passed. Suddenly, you realize you’re still at the kitchen table in what you wore to class. You’ve eaten lunch, and if we’re being honest, dinner is already out and you’re planning on indulging. You’ve talked about everything from the test you took and weren’t prepared for, the choreographed dance to ‘The Sweet Escape’ By Gwen Stefani from 5th grade that you still can do, and how you cried in career services the other day. People have come and gone, but you’re still at the table. You’ve been absorbed into the kitchen table time warp.

I wasn’t quite sure what to write about at first for this blog post. It just so happens that I spent most of my time deciding while sitting at our table. I wanted to write about something that felt unique, yet relatable; something about KDS that brought me joy, which others could read and say, “yes Ellie, thank you for shedding light on this, I too feel a personal connection to the KDS kitchen table”. Personally, I am a frequent flyer of the table. Easily the best part of my day is spent sitting there during the lunch time hours. Sitting with Bill, our chef, at the table as he finishes putting out lunch, waiting for the waves of sisters and house boys coming to eat, is part of how I start my days. After moving into the house this semester, I found my class schedule allowed for a few hours in the middle of the day to finish, (or start), work for my second class, have lunch, and most importantly, catch up with everyone at the kitchen table. I cannot tell you where those hours disappear to each morning, and where the hours go when I come home from class and sit down again, and where the hours of sitting late-night at the table with a pan of nachos go. But what I do know, is that never regret a minute that goes by. Anyone who has ever settled in at the kitchen table of 53 Park can understand the blissful time warp.

With something as tangible as a table and 20 + chairs, it is imperative to look beyond that, and recognize the opportunity we have to sit with one another, share meals, moments, and create memories during the short few years we are here together. No matter how fleeting or enduring the memory, any experience we’ve had sitting at this table has left an everlasting impression on our character and our hearts. It is in this time warp that we find ourselves happily letting our thoughts be consumed, and problems fade. Maybe it is just a table, but I believe we at Kappa Delta Sigma have made it much more than that.

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