Alumni Weekend Recap

by Kristen Phillips

Each semester, KDS hosts an alumnae weekend in which any and all KDS alumnae are welcomed back to 53 Park Street for a weekend full of fun, laughter, and as expected; friendship. Many special moments are shared during KDS’ alumnae weekends, and this past one was no different – our Spring 2018 Alumnae Weekend was held beginning on April 13th, 2018, and was chock-full of fun; here’s a brief overview!

On Friday, KDS kicked off the weekend and welcomed approximately 14 alumnae, who arrived perfectly in time to hang out with the current sisters after the annual faculty reception ended. After chilling in the living room, doing classic KDS things (i.e., sitting on the large bean bag watching “The Office,” drinking ice water from wine glasses, sharing our favorite stories with each other), it was time for bed to prepare for the busy day we had ahead in the morning.

Saturday was the first of two alumnae brunches, where tired, hungry alumnae and current sisters dug into an array of yummy breakfast foods while sitting around the kitchen tables reminiscing and sharing memories. Shortly after, it was time for our 5K and BBQ event to begin! Whether the sisters and alumnae were participating in the 5k or not, everyone had a blast cheering on the runners and stuffing their faces with burgers and hot dogs catered by the local “Little Italy.” Alumnae were able to meet and form relationships with the newest fall 2017 pledge class, and throughout the day, bonds were formed and smiles were shared.

The alumnae were lucky enough to be able to come to the KDS formal held at the Tick Tock which really let them relive their favorite past time – and last but not least, late night around the kitchen table eating nachos with extra cheese, surrounded by ATO brothers, alumni and friends. Before departing on Sunday, sisters current and past shared a casual brunch and slowly headed home – but not without leaving an impact behind. It was an eye-opening experience for many of the current sisters to see just how powerful and truthful the phrase “in love and friendship” KDS values, and it was a weekend in which all sisters realized what KDS means after graduating.

All in all, it was a weekend and a half, to say the least; friendships were formed and rekindled, stories were shared, and 53 Park Street felt like a home away from home, holding a special place in the hearts of many. It is this aspect of KDS that makes friendships life long and our home on 53 Park Street continuously welcoming.

Alumnae weekend, although annual, has many moments that make the haul up to Upstate New York worth it, and here are some of responses from recent alumnae who made the trip up this past month to celebrate with us!

“Since graduating from St. Lawrence I have continually felt supported by the KDS alumnae network. Whether it’s a prospective job opportunity, general life advice, a celebration or a difficult time I have found that my sisters from all class years have been by my side. Getting to come together, be back on campus and see how KDS has grown is amazing and we are always so thankful to be so welcomed back home.” – Liz Miller ‘17

“I think the first year after graduation you especially still feel a strong connection to campus and the people here, so being able to come back and make more memories together as alumnae with the next generation is really cool.” – Julie Rogers ‘17

“KDS is such a special place in the way that you not only become a leader and more prepared for everything from internships to interviews, but also brings you closer to so many people you wouldn’t have met otherwise

Since graduating, I have met so many KDS ladies in Boston, and it always feels like I have been friends with them my entire life.” -Audrey Milazzo ’17


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