“What’s One Thing People Don’t Know About You?”

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I decided to run for Social Chair for the spring semester because I love to socialize with the wonderful girls of KDS! I love learning about the individuality that makes each girl in this sorority unique and I think a great way of learning about people is by sharing fun facts about yourself that others don’t know about you. I am infamous for asking this question in any and every group setting. I still have a lot to learn about the 16 other individuals that make up the newest pledge class of KDS so I thought I could learn along with you all some fun facts! I asked and I received! Get ready for these:

Meryl Adams – “I was placed with Gary Dake, the president of Stewart’s shops, through the LINC Mentor program this year!”

Katie Walsh – “I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan!”

Martina Grant – “I have traveled to all 48 states in the continental United States in an RV with my family!”

Jordan Flanagan – “My favorite snack is lemon or lime slices and salt!”

Liv Reynolds – “I am a third generation SLU student!”

Allison Herdje – “I have an identical twin sister, and I have older sisters who are identical twins as well!”

Alli Karmis – “I play four different instruments!”

Nancy Lucier – “I have a twin brother who goes to UCONN!”

Kristin Phillips – “In fourth grade I got a piece of a pencil stuck in my hand and you can still see it to this day!”

Eliza Maher – “I have seven cats, their names are Bubba, Poppy, Lily, Bandit, Paul, Buster, and Snaggletooth!”

Ellie Quinn – “I am the seventh person in my family to go to SLU!”

Grace Robinson – “I have hiked Mt. Katahdin twice and canoed 150 miles on the Allagash River from Baxter State Park to Fort Kent, Maine!”

Marissa Saunders – “I was a part of a Dutch foreign exchange program in high school and I have a twin sister!”

Sydney Baker – “I am a scuba diving instructor, have a love for sharks, and want to do Great White Shark research one day!”

Maddie Holodnik – “I am on the swim team at SLU and my events are the mile, the 500 and the 200!”

Claire Karafanda – “I spent my spring break on a Habitat for Humanity trip in Kentucky!”

Jenna Bailey – “I was born in the middle of the 1998 ice storm and was stuck in the hospital for two days!”

I hope you enjoyed these and I look forward to continue to learn about and cherish the individuality of each KDS girl!

Jenna Bailey

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