Sister Hannah Searle ’15: Why she is Running in the 2018 Boston Marathon

Hannah Searle was a 2015 graduate of St. Lawrence University and a sister of Kappa Delta Sigma. We asked her to tell us about her journey to run the Boston Marathon. Hannah explained, “I was inspired to run the Boston Marathon this April because running has been an outlet for me.  After my assault running became a way for me to escape the world for a moment and just put one foot in front of the other. Depression was a constant battle for me after the assault, and running was the one outlet that I would look forward to everyday.  After I ran my first half marathon with a fellow sister (Katherine Figueroa ’14) I wanted to continue endurance running.  I set a goal for myself on my bucket list to not only complete a marathon, but complete the sought after Boston Marathon.  I love challenging myself and pushing my body to limits I did not think were possible.”

Hannah with sister Paige McGhee. Photo credit: Paige McGhee

Hannah will be running this year in honor of her Uncle Richard who took his own life in March 2017.  Hannah explains her uncle as “One of the kindest men out there, we could share everything with each other and there was nothing I couldn’t come to him with. I miss him every moment of everyday that he is gone. But I know that he would not want us to look on his passing in sadness, but rather look back on him for all that he was. I am going to be running for him because he was not able to find that outlet like I found in running.”

To donate or read more about Hannah’s story, visit her page here.

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