Meet the President

by Meghan O’Connor

Hello everyone, Meg O’Connor here and ready to share my excitement as your new KDS President!

I am a junior majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience and minoring in Anthropology. I am currently part of the Women’s Basketball team here at St. Lawrence along with another KDS sister, Jenny Scudder. My major, basketball, and being the KDS president definitely keep me busy but by staying so busy I am able to stay focused on everything! I typically live to the motto of, “Cramming as much stuff into your schedule as you possibly can”.


This is my second semester living in the house, along with my two roommates Olivia St. Pierre and Alex Godfrey, who is our new Vice President. I have lived in the same room both semesters, named BAK of the KAB. Some may not know, but the “BAK” represents the initials some of our past sisters who previously lived in this room (Brooke, Allison, and Kat). My favorite part of living in the house is continuously being surrounded by some of your best friends. No matter the time of day, you can always find a sister to accompany you! Whether it is to hangout, do homework, or just walk to class, you are never alone.

This year I have made it my goal to bring out the different personalities within our sisters and to keep our fun and outgoing reputation alive. I am so excited to serve as the president for this next year. Everyone already has so many great ideas. We all have things that we would love to see happen for this house, and I just can’t wait to work with everyone and strive to make those things happen.


I am continuously amazed at how kind, hardworking, and diverse my KDS sisters are. We are all involved in many clubs, sports teams, and demanding majors but also volunteer and participate in philanthropy events as much as possible. The fact that we are all SO different in many ways is what makes this sorority so unique. Being a part of KDS has forever changed my St. Lawrence experience and I would never have met all of these amazing girls if I had not joined. Although the time I have left at St. Lawrence is slowly dwindling down, I am sure that it will be the best time yet knowing that I have the support and friendship of all these girls.



2 thoughts on “Meet the President”

  1. Congrats Meg. Thanks for the BAK of the KAB shout out! As the “K” of the room’s name, I thought I would just clarify that the initials are actually BAK and stand for Brooke, Allison, and Kat. We lived there Fall ‘04 and I am glad the name has stuck. I appreciate you keeping the story and spirit alive!

    In love and friendship,
    Kat Lafferty ‘06


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