A Tribute to the Class of 2015

Congratulations to the Kappa Delta Sigma sisters from the class of 2015!
It’s been an amazing, yet nostalgic last week at St. Lawrence University for the seniors of Kappa Delta Sigma – I’m not sure that the reality of graduation day really hit us until we were living it.
Senior week was good to us over here at 53 Park Street, as we galavanted from event to event, painted signs for the Hoot Owl, and spent every waking minute with one another. St. Lawrence sure does know how to send off the graduates with a bang!
We’d like to send out an enormous thank you to our families who have helped shape us into the young women that we are today, but also to St. Lawrence University, who blessed us with bountiful knowledge and friendships. In addition, I’d like to personally express what a pleasure it has been to update our fellow sisters, friends, and families as Public Relations Chair this semester – Liz Miller ’18 will be taking on the role!
In love and friendship,
Bailey Phelps ’15

1 thought on “A Tribute to the Class of 2015”

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