"There is a Lifelong Connection For Sure"

It is common for Kappa Delta Sigma alumnae to stay in contact with the current sisters of the house. They’ll drop in to share job opportunities, give fundraising assistance, house upkeep, or even just to say hello or check out the place. This week we received a very special surprise from one of our founding sisters, Lynda Croker Moran ’69. She shared with us this photo, which we have now combined with their original composite photographs, of a reunion between five of the founding members in November of 2014. The sisters met up in Savannah, Georgia, and in doing so proved that being a sister of Kappa Delta Sigma is a “lifelong connection.”

L to R: Stephanie Gay Brown, Winnie Madden Hayden, Joy Bachman Mance, Lynda Croker Moran, Alison Altman

If it weren’t for the courage, love, and determination of these sisters (as well as the rest of our founding sisters), we wouldn’t be the organization we are so proud of today. Thank you for everything, and for laying the groundwork for all of your sisters that came after you.

We encourage our alumnae to send in photos, stories, updates, or anything that seems relevant to our Public Relations Chair, Bailey Phelps, at!

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