Renovations, Renovations, Renovations

While some of you have been able to stop by periodically and see the house, we know that a lot of you haven’t had the ability to visit us at 53 Park St! While you’ve been busy doing awesome things in the real world, there’s been a lot going on at KDS too – we’ve had a lot of work done in the passed three years as far as renovations go, and we just can’t help but show them off!
Remember Grand Central, the triple on the second floor? Well, it’s now called Grand Central Single!

The room was reduced in order to get our second floor bathrooms up to date! Speaking of which, the second floor bathroom is no longer lacking. We now have two showers, two toilets, and a full counter!
A few things have been renovated on the third floor too! Remember Third Floor Triple? Well now it’s called The Den! It’s been reduced to a double, and the door is now located inside the closet!
The room was reduced to, again, accommodate for the bathroom renovation – and let me tell you, we love it.
We also have new window hangings on all of the first floor windows, and on the second floor street-side window! Here’s a picture of them in all of their glory in the Front Date Room!
Finally, with a fresh new look on the inside comes a fresh new look on the outside too! Our paint is no longer peeling, and we have some shiny new letters to top everything off!
Thank you so much to all of our amazing alumnae who helped us pull all of these renovations off! Words can simply not describe our gratitude, and be assured that every single update has been greatly appreciated.
Comment below, and tell us what else you’d like to see!

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